Unveiling the Resilient Narratives: Zamahel's Artistic Journey Through Storytelling and Cultural Resonance

Unveiling the Resilient Narratives: Zamahel's Artistic Journey Through Storytelling and Cultural Resonance

The essence of art lies in its ability to weave narratives. We all know that whether it's a painting, a sculpture, a literary work, or a performance, storytelling breathes life into art, infusing it with meaning, depth, and a connection to the human experience. Art without the art of storytelling and the unique characters would be like a blank canvas devoid of its vibrant colors. Zamahel, a talented artist hailing from Brazil, possesses a profound understanding of the fundamental truth that storytelling in art plays a vital role in breathing life into his art, resulting in a profound impact on viewers. His ability to craft narratives within his artwork characters demonstrates his depth of comprehension and the significant value he places on the art of storytelling. Through this artistry, Zamahel captivates and engages viewers, leaving a lasting impression that resonates long even after they have experienced his creations. Zamahel's artistic journey is one that reflects cultural resonance, passion, dedication, and a deep connection to the power of storytelling.



Zamahel, is a versatile creative professional with expertise in illustration, graphic design, comic book art, and animation. He holds a degree in Graphic Design from the Technological Federal University of Paraná in Curitiba, Paraná State, Brazil. Zamahel has been honing his skills and working as a freelance illustrator for the past nine years.

Zamahel has been deeply immersed in the world of traditional art for an extensive period, employing ink sketches on paper as the foundation even for many of his recent works. However, as time has progressed, he gradually shifted towards the realm of digital painting, wherein traditional art meets digital art. Moreover, within the past two years, he has embraced the integration of motion, infusing his creations with a newfound dynamic quality.

Zamahel shares, "Ever since my childhood, I have been captivated by the art of storytelling and the creation of unique characters through my drawings. My artistic pursuits have consistently focused on showcasing the rich tapestry of history, traditional wisdom, cosmology, and diverse cultures of pre-colonial indigenous peoples from the Americas. I strongly believe that this significant part of human history remains inadequately represented in the art world, even within South America and the broader entertainment industry." Driven by the desire to effect change, Zamahel aspires to combine art and blockchain, recognizing it as a promising avenue. He sees this synergy as an opportunity to shed light on underrepresented narratives and empower the indigenous communities through his artistic endeavors.


Resilient Narratives

With meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for the intricacies of these civilizations, Zamahel's works offer glimpses into a world often overshadowed by the dominant narratives of colonialism and post-colonial erasure. Through his art, he seeks to reclaim and celebrate the vibrant heritage, languages, customs, and spirituality of these indigenous communities, shedding light on their profound contributions to human history. His artistic process involves immersing himself in the rich heritage of these communities, delving into historical accounts, cultural artifacts, oral traditions, and anthropological studies. Through extensive research, he strives for authenticity and accuracy in his artistic representations, ensuring that his works resonate with the stories and legacies of the indigenous peoples he portrays.

From an educational standpoint, Zamahel aims to preserve history through a decolonial lens, ensuring that narratives are told by the very people who have lived them. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing that despite enduring centuries of colonization, indigenous communities have not been extinguished. Their vibrant cultures, languages, and civilizations continue to thrive in the present, serving as a powerful reminder of their resilience and existence.

Zamahel draws resilience and inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including dark fantasy, science fiction, the wonders of nature, biology, animals, tokusatsu, as well as the comics and manga he has immersed himself in throughout the years. Reflecting on his artistic journey, Zamahel acknowledges the profound impact that various artists have had on shaping his own style and development. Notably, he credits comic book artist Greg Capullo as one of the foremost influences on his artistic growth.


Zamahel’s Artistic Journey

When inquired about his artistic journey, Zamahel shares, “I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and always liked to tell stories, and reflect on them some references which I’ve grown interested in, especially ancient history. I decided to pursue art professionally when I was 16 years old, and pursued a higher education in design - and later, graphic design in specific.”

During his time at UTFPR (Federal Technological University of Paraná) from 2014 to 2018, Zamahel actively participated in various independent art fairs held in the cities of Curitiba and Florianópolis in Brazil. Alongside his freelance work as an illustrator and graphic designer, he created a poster for a vegan products event in 2015. Furthermore, Zamahel's artwork, focused on animal rights and raising awareness about environmental impacts, was exhibited in two educational institutions in Curitiba: UTFPR and IFPR (Federal Institute of Paraná) from 2016 to 2017. Since 2011, Zamahel has embraced a vegan lifestyle, and his artwork also emphasizes the importance of our daily choices in creating a better world for animals.

As a part of his graduation project in 2018, Zamahel undertook the task of creating a comic book adaptation based on the Legend of the Five Suns, a traditional tale originating from the Nahua peoples of Central Mexico. Presently, Zamahel is engaged in translating the comic book, which is currently available only in Portuguese, with the intention of seeking publication in additional platforms. To explore some of his university projects and past sketchbooks, you can visit Zamahel's portfolio on Behance at https://behance.net/itztla.

5 Suns comic cover, by ZamahelFive Suns

In August 2021, Zamahel embarked on a new artistic venture by minting some of his artworks as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Initially, he ventured into the Tezos Blockchain at the invitation of a friend. Since then, he has expanded his presence in the digital art space, minting over 70 original artworks on both the Tezos and Solana blockchains. His works have gained attention and have been collected by more than 500 diverse collectors across these blockchain platforms.

Through the power of web3 technology, Zamahel has had the opportunity to connect with artists and art enthusiasts from around the globe. This digital landscape has opened doors for collaborations, commissioned projects, and interactions with a wide range of creative individuals. Currently, he is actively engaged in working on both personal projects and commissions that encompass web3 and comic book realms.

Zamahel's artistic creations have garnered recognition through exhibitions held in São Paulo, Brazil, as well as internationally in New York. Among his notable works, "Pachakuti" stands out—a depiction of the legendary account of the Battle of Yawarpampa. This artwork portrays Pachakuti, a prince of Cusco and future founder of the Tawantinsuyu (Inca Empire), leading the Incas in defending their city against the invading Chankas. The story tells of Pachakuti's courageous spirit, which, according to legend, earned him the favor of the Sun God, who bestowed upon him an army of stone soldiers called the Pururauca. This mesmerizing piece combines traditional ink on paper with digital painting techniques, resulting in a captivating mixed media animation. Notably, the artwork was showcased at the Artists Village during NFT NYC in 2023, enhancing the impact of storytelling through animation.

Pachakuti, animated artwork by Zamahel, on tezos blockchain

As part of his Insect Syndicate collection, Zamahel minted "Cicada" on the Solana Blockchain. This artwork showcases iconic arthropods undergoing a stunning metamorphosis, transforming into intricately designed cyborg warriors inspired by their unique qualities. The fusion of natural beauty and futuristic sci-fi elements is evident in this captivating piece.

Cicada, animated artwork by Zamahel, on Solana blockchain


"Cicada," an animation created through a mixed media approach combining traditional ink on paper with digital painting, spans the years 2017 to 2022. This mesmerizing artwork has garnered recognition and has been selected for inclusion in an in-person exhibition at Kingston, NYC. The exhibition, titled "The NFT Art Show: Exploring the Frontier of Digital Art and Blockchain Technology," is organized by ASKforArts and is set to take place in 2023. Zamahel's "Cicada" will be showcased at this upcoming event, further highlighting its artistic merit and contribution to the intersection of digital art and blockchain technology.

Zamahel minted "Tau ha Kerana membykuéra" on the Tezos Blockchain. This artwork pays homage to the traditional cosmology of the Awá Guarani people of South America, depicting seven mythical beings known as the "Children of Tau and Kerana" in the Guarani language. These mystical figures hold significant cultural and spiritual significance within the Awá Guarani tradition. By immortalizing them on the blockchain, Zamahel celebrates and preserves the rich mythology of this indigenous community.

Tau ha Kerana membykuéra, artwork by Zamahel, on tezos blockchain

Tau ha Kerana membykuéra

"Tau ha Kerana membykuéra" one of his mixed media illustrations was featured in the prestigious NFT Brasil exhibition held in the Matarazzo Pavillion (location of the historical São Paulo Art Biennial, in the Ibirapuera Park), São Paulo, Brazil, from June 2nd to 4th 2023.

Zamahel with his artwork at exhibition

This exhibition provided a platform for Zamahel's artwork to be admired and appreciated by attendees, further highlighting the cultural significance and artistic value of his piece inspired by the Awá Guarani mythology.

His another artwork, titled "Coyolxauhqui - Aztec Moon Goddess,", is a digital painting minted on the Tezos Blockchain.This captivating artwork pays homage to Coyolxauhqui, the revered Aztec Moon Goddess.

Coyolxauhqui, artwork by Zamahel, on tezos blockchain

Created in 2021, this digital painting showcases Zamahel's artistic prowess and dedication to capturing the essence of Aztec mythology. By minting it in the Tezos Blockchain, the artwork gains a unique digital identity, ensuring its authenticity and traceability within the digital art realm.


Legacy and Future Directions

Zamahel's artistic journey is driven by a desire to create meaningful, thought-provoking, and visually captivating works of art. His commitment to amplifying underrepresented narratives, celebrating indigenous cultures, and merging traditional art with new technologies is a testament to his artistic vision and the impact he seeks to make in the art world. With each piece he creates, Zamahel continues to evolve, inspire, and leave a lasting impression on both local and international audiences.

Zamahel acknowledges, "Currently, I notice a limited presence of artists using illustration to promote indigenous history and traditional cosmology on the Blockchain. Although there are a few initiatives, particularly in photography, I anticipate that this will change in the coming years.” He adds, “As for my art style, it is the result of years of relentless practice, encompassing drawing, painting, and animation, along with interactions with fellow professional artists, especially illustrators and comic book artists.” This particular field aligns well with his artistic pursuits and endeavors in the realm of Art + Blockchain.

Simultaneously, Zamahel remains dedicated to personal projects, maintaining a disciplined approach and consistent creative output. He says, “I believe that with commitment and the themes I explore will resonate with individuals who identify with such subjects, as well as artists who may not be familiar with them. Ultimately, this will cultivate a larger audience for my upcoming personal projects, irrespective of the topic at hand.” In the next few years, he plans to adapt a vast fictional story into comics, and he see great potential in combining comics with blockchain technology. NFTs serve as another avenue through which he exercises this artistic autonomy. He acknowledges that NFTs have provided him with a dedicated and supportive audience that he didn't experience in the same way on traditional web platforms. He feels that this has naturally fueled his productivity and enabled collaborations with other artists in their collections, and at the same time he has not compromised his creative freedom. He says, “I still have the autonomy to allocate time not only for honing my skills but also for creating what I personally deem relevant, rather than being driven solely by trends. I have a clear vision of the art I enjoy producing and working with, while remaining open to client-driven projects.”


In conclusion, the artistic journey of Zamahel is a captivating testament to their immense talent and creative vision. Zamahel's resilient narratives of pre-colonial indigenous cultures is a testament to his dedication to research and understanding. With a profound ability to evoke emotions through his masterful illustrations and captivating compositions, Zamahel has carved a unique niche in the art world. His works have garnered critical acclaim and have been exhibited in prestigious galleries, captivating art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Zamahel continues to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of their artistic expression, it is clear that his influence will only grow, leaving an indelible mark on the art world for generations to come.

You can keep up with Zamahel's latest updates and artwork by following him on Twitter, Instagram, and Threads using the handle @itzamahel. Additionally, you can explore his portfolio and discover more of his works at https://lynkfire.com/zamahel. For any inquiries or collaborations, you can reach out to him via email at zamahel.art@gmail.com.


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