Bliss Metaverse

Greetings! You are entering the immersive MetaBliss 3D gallery.

Presently, we are exhibiting generative artworks created as part of AI Bliss NFT Collection in this 3D gallery.  Prepare to embark on an interactive journey within this virtual realm and indulge in the wonders of our digital exhibition today.

Enjoy and immerse yourself, take your time to appreciate the artworks, read descriptions, and engage with the virtual environment. Have a delightful time exploring the MetaBliss 3D gallery!


To navigate and explore the MetaBliss 3D gallery, follow these instructions:

Look around: Use your mouse or device to rotate your view in all directions and explore the virtual environment.

Move forward and backward: Press the "W" key or use the arrow keys to move forward. Press the "S" key or use the arrow keys to move backward.

Sidestep: Use the "A" key to move left and the "D" key to move right. You can also use the left and right arrow keys for sidestepping.

Interact with objects: Approach an object of interest and click on it to interact. This may include viewing detailed information, listening to audio guides, or observing artworks up close.

Zoom in and out: Use the scroll wheel on your mouse or pinch on touch devices to zoom in and out for a closer or wider view of the artworks.

Explore different sections: Navigate through different sections or rooms within the gallery by following the designated pathways or prompts. These may include arrows or signs indicating the direction to proceed.

Audio settings: Adjust your audio settings to ensure you can fully experience any accompanying music, sounds, or guided tours within the gallery.



This 3D gallery is dynamic, with regular updates to enhance your experience. Feel free to revisit and engage with the virtual exhibitions whenever you desire. We enthusiastically invite artists to showcase their vibrant artworks within this dynamic 3D gallery. It serves as a platform for creative expression, allowing artists to share their talent and captivate audiences with their unique creations. We encourage artists from all backgrounds to contribute and exhibit their art, adding to the rich tapestry of our virtual gallery. Join us in embracing artistic diversity and creating an immersive space that celebrates the beauty of visual expression. Feel free to ask any questions or seek our assistance when needed.